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Pastoral Council Guidelines
Diocese of Rockville Centre
December 8, 2002

The origin of Pastoral Councils can be traced back to the Second Vatican Council when Pope Paul VI and the Bishops articulated for the Church and for the world, the need for faithful Catholics to share responsibility for the pastoral mission of the local church. They spoke clearly of the fact that laymen and women are not merely recipients of ministry; by reason of their Baptism they are called and gifted for ministry, and together with the ordained clergy share in witnessing faith and carrying out the church's mission. The Council made it clear that clergy and laity must develop a new understanding and effective ways of collaborative leadership in the parish and in the diocese. Recognizing an additional opportunity for increase participation and involvement and the possibility of developing vibrant communities of faith, parishes have been encouraged to work towards the development of Pastoral Councils.

The Pastoral Council is a group of parishioners asked to take seriously the role of assisting the Pastor in the efforts of long range pastoral planning that allows for a greater awareness of the “larger vision” proposed by the gospels. As a visioning body, it serves as a forum of consultation for the Pastor and members, primarily by engaging them in ongoing conversations about the needs, feelings, hopes and reactions of parishioners. The purpose of this interaction is to foster the process of pastoral planning and decisions in the light of our parish mission and vision.

In 2002 Holy Name of Mary began the process of developing a Pastoral Council. Members were selected and began to work on understanding their role and becoming familiar with the many facets of our complex parish so that they will be able to provide the information and advice for effective long range planning in our parish. This, of course, is a “work in progress” and a big undertaking in a parish our size; we ask for your input, your support and your prayers as this group moves ahead in its efforts.

A Message from our Parish Pastoral Council


The Pastoral Council of Holy Name of Mary is an advisory board to our pastor. It has been in existence for the past seven years and consists of 17 members who share a commitment to Holy Name of Mary Parish. The Council meets monthly and serves as a forum of consultation for the pastor by discussing the needs and hopes of our parish community. In addition to advising the Pastor on current activities, projects and issues, the group is involved in discussions about long term plans for our Parish.

Recently, the Pastoral Council has discussed questions and concerns of parishioners that have been brought to the attention of Council members. Discussions regarding the questions and concerns have provided opportunities for all to broaden and deepen their understanding of how parish life affects, enriches and challenges family life. These discussions have also helped to create an understanding of the complexity of Parish life and the real need for patience, creativity and diligence when addressing concerns such as greater participation in Sunday Eucharist, finances, and the desire of our parishioners to be a Community of Faith. Some wonderful insights have been gained and some excellent suggestions for future consideration have been made.

The Pastoral Council will try to keep parishioners informed of their activities through occasional bulletin articles and information on our parish website. Please feel free to go to the website at www.hnom.org or to contact the Council by e-mail at hnomcouncil@aol.com.

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Pastoral Council Members for 2016-2017

Monsignor Romualdo A. Sosing
        Nancy Bjorneby     Barbara DeGrace     Mina Freire     Sister Margie Kelly
        Veronica Kirkham        Efren London         Joanne Marracello         Marilyn Moscola
        Rita Obregon       Fran O’Hara        Alondra Ramos        Jo-Ann Roche
        Deacon Clyde Ruggieri    Jeannie Salcedo     Patte Scalise-Raad     Ken Sendlien

  • Nancy Bjorneby has been a member of the parish since 1974. She was previously involved in Religious Ed, sang in the Folk Group and sewed Baptismal garments for infants baptized in the parish. She is currently a Eucharistic Minister and active member of the St. Vincent de Paul Society. Nancy is married with 2 children and 4 grandchildren.

  • Barbara DeGrace has been a member of the parish since 1985. She has participated in Bible Study and has been a catechist with the Religious Education program for a number of years. She is Past President of Friends of Bridge and currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Valley Stream Chamber of Commerce.

  • Mina Freire is the coordinator of the Hispanic Ministry, a Eucharist Minister, lector, and director of the Hispanic children's choir. She is married with 3 children. Her husband Angel Freire is the coordinator of the Ushers. She and her family have been parishioners since 2001.

  • Sister Margie Kelly is the Parish Outreach Director since 1983. She is a Sister of St. Joseph, a member of HNM St. Vincent de Paul Society, serves on Board of Directors for Monica Apartments and of Bethany House of Nassau County. Sister Margie is also a member of both the Pastoral Care Committee of Franklin Hospital and the Valley Stream Religious Council. Her past involvements include the Board of Directors for Friend of Bridge, the Board of Directors of the St. Vincent de Paul Society and the Board of Trustees for Sacred Heart Academy.

  • Veronica Kirkham was baptized at Holy Name of Mary parish and joined the Pastoral Council in 2013. Veronica was a participant in the RCIA and received first Communion and Confirmation in 2002 at the Easter Vigil. In the past, she has taught sixth grade religion and served as a sponsor for the RCIA program. She is currently a lector and is active with the Pastoral Visitors program at our parish.

  • Efren London has been a parishioner since 1990. He and his wife Nimfa have two children. They are active members of CFCFFL ( Couples for Christ Foundation For Family and Life ).

  • Joanne Marracello has been a parishioner nearly all of her life and is a graduate of Holy Name of Mary School. She serves the parish in the Music Ministry as a Choir member and Cantor for our Masses. In addition, she is a Catechist, Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, Lector and serves in the Ministry of Consolation. She also is a member of Bible Study and is one of the prayer group leaders in The Spirit of the Living Word Prayer group with Deacon Clyde. Joanne joined the Parish Council in 2014.

  • Marilyn Moscola has been a member of Holy Name of Mary since 1984. She has been active in several parish ministries. She serves as an Eucharistic Minister, is a catechist with the Religious Education program, and has participated in Bible Study, Prayer Group, and Renew. She and her husband Joe, enjoy being members of this parish.

  • Rita Obregon Rita Obregon has been a member of the Holy Name of Mary Parish since 2010. She is an usher at the Spanish mass. She is a committee member of the Hispanic Ministry, Diocese of Rockville Centre and has served as the Master of Ceremonies for the Latin/Catholic Women's Congress. She is a member of the Board of Directors for FUNDEPAZ NYC, a non-profit foundation directed by Father Fernando Echeverri. She is an active member of EMAUS. Her husband is a lector at the Spanish mass. She has three children, two are religion education instructors at HNM. Rita is a Medical Technologist and works at North Shore University Hospital as the Associate Director for Anatomic Pathology.

  • Fran O’Hara is a member of the parish since 1975 and joined the Pastoral Council in 2011. She is a Eucharistic Minister and a team member of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. Her past involvements include serving as the school librarian and a reading teacher at HNM School, Liturgy Committee, and in Religious Education.

  • Alondra Ramos is a member of the parish since 2008 and joined the Pastoral Council in 2013. She is a college student and a lector. She was a member of the Youth Group and an assistant Religious Educator.

  • Jo-Ann Roche is a member of the parish since 1995 and joined the pastoral council in 2013. She is a member of the St. Vincent de Paul Society. Her past involvements include Family Ministry and coordinating a number of fundraisers and activities at Holy Name of Mary Parish School.

  • Deacon Clyde Ruggieri is a member of the parish since 1954 and joined the Pastoral Council in 2008. Deacon Clyde currently serves as co-chair of Bible Study Program and Jr. Lectors. His past involvements include co-chair of Community Awareness Committee, Parish Hospitality Ministry, Renew 2000, Community Sundays, Ministry Fairs, and assorted plays, concerts, and dances. He also served as Lector and Eucharistic Minister before ordination to the Diaconate.

  • Jeannie Salcedo new member.

  • Patte Scalise-Raad has been a HNM parishioner since 1960 and went to Holy Name School. She served as a Religious Education teacher for many years and was an active member of the Ministry of Consolation along with her mother, a life-long parishioner; Eileen Scalise. Patte is presently involved in St. Vincent de Paul and has been the official photographer for the Holy Name Communion and Confirmation candidates thereby helping to support the Religious Education Program through annual fundraisers. Her husband, Donald, served on the Parish Council in the past. The Raad family is extremely thankful for being part of such a loving and warm parish. She continues to ask God to show her ways to give back all the blessings He has shared.

  • Ken Sendlien new member.

  • Reverend Monsignor Romualdo A. Sosing is the current pastor of Holy Name of Mary Parish. He was appointed by Bishop William Murphy and joined our staff on June 22, 2011. Since 2010, Msgr. Sosing had served as administrator of St. Luke‘s, Brentwood. Previously he served as associate pastor of Notre Dame, New Hyde Park and St. Dominic, Oyster Bay. He was ordained in 1977 for the Diocese of Catarman in the Philippines. Monsignor Sosing has been a priest since 1977 and has been serving in the Diocese of Rockville Centre since 2004. He has broad pastoral experience from his many years of priestly service in the Philippines and from his time here on Long Island. Congratulations are in order to Msgr. Rom, who became a citizen of the United States on February 11, 2013.

Past Pastoral Council Members

James Aguaviva
James Begley
Alyssa Belmonte
Norma Bohorquez
Mary Brown
Patrick Burke
Arturo Camacho
Kathleen Carey
Matthew Carey
Suzanne Carey
Myriam Cisco
Joseph Conrad
Rosann Coppola
Deacon Tony Cuseo
Esther Cuya
Shawn Donnelly
Diane Donoghue
Susan Faber
Roger Ferrara
Maria Garcia
Monsignor Thomas J. Harold
Mike Hogan
Mark Insolera
Tony Izquierdo
Debbie Kulda
Richard Lotti
Gail Mahabirsingh
Roseann Maloney
Erin Ann McGovern
Pattie Mercurio
Mark Merollo
Joseph Moscola
Gerald O’Brien
Kevin O’Sullivan
Karen Pajonas
Jose Piniero
Luz Puerto
Donald Raad
Alan Rappaport
Pat Reynolds
Jose Saladin
Mary Sheffield
Ann Marie Skellington
Annette Spoto
Jack Wagner
Maureen Weeden
Karen Zunich

Please send your ideas, recommendations and suggestions to the Pastoral Council here at Holy Name of Mary using the following e-mail address:


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